A fresh take on outsourced billing services

No overpromises, no incompetent agents, no bureaucracy.

Who we are

We’re a medical billing company with a unique approach to outsourcing. At Remote Owls, we believe in friendly communication, deep knowledge of processes, and positive work environments that promote creativity. Customer support and outsourcing sweatshops are poor work environments that give you poor results. And that’s why we stay away from this business model.

Our company’s culture puts the employees first to attract qualified and well-educated talent who give the job their all. The result is happy clients, happy employees, affordable medical billing solutions, and good business all around. It’s one of those rare “everybody wins” types of situations.

What we do

We offer a wide range of high-quality outsourced business solutions. Our services allow you to grow your team, lower your operational costs, and avoid the not-so-pleasant side of outsourcing, which is common with other medical billing outsourcing companies.

Unlike the archaic call center business models that have zero interest in your success, we have a more hands-on approach. We collaborate with your business, exchange strategies, ideas, and build long-term relationships that help everybody win.

How we do it

Helping your business achieve its goals is a team sport. Individual efforts won’t cut it, and that’s why we focus on building qualified teams that can collaborate together to get the job done.

Our virtual support agents are all college graduates who are fluent or native English speakers. Add a pinch of relative industry experience and stir it all with a positive work environment. That’s our recipe for successful business solutions outsourcing.

Meet the team

Wasseem El Wardany

CEO & Founder

Mohamed El Wardany

Quality Control Manager

Ahmed Abdelrahman

Business Developer

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